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Ispirer SQLWays Database Migration Software

Preparing for Installation

Where to Install

SQLWays is not to be necessarily installed on the same computer with either target or source database, but can be installed on any computer, which meets the software and hardware requirements.

In order to provide access to each database available on the computer that runs SQLWays, you should install client software for the applied databases.

Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

TABLE 13. Hardware Requirements
At least 250 MB of free memory (more is recommended)
Hard disk space
At least 120 MB of free space in the installation location

Hard disk space

At least 120 MB of free space in the installation location for SQLWays (additional space required for export files, its volume defined by the volume of the information exported from the source database).

Ensure administrator-level rights

You must have administrator rights to install SQLWays on a Windows Operating System.

Verify Compatibility of Vendor Databases

Check the chapter Supported Databases to ensure that the version of SQLWays due to be installed supports the database you are going to migrate.

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