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Sybase ASA History

Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA) is a relational database management system developed by Sybase and used, either as standalone or as a network server, in a multi-user client-server environment.

It is specifically designed to have a small footprint (use fewer memory and disk resources than the average database management system) and extensive scalability for desktop, workgroup or mobile environments.

Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere started its life as Watcom SQL - an SQL database server product manufactured by Watcom International Corporation. It was originally created for Microsoft-DOS and QNX in 1992.

Watcom International Corporation was founded in 1981, following the research of the computer Systems Group at the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Watcom produced a variety of tools, including the well-known Watcom C compiler, introduced in 1988.

In 1994 Watcom was acquired by Powersoft. Then in 1995, Powersoft merged with Sybase and the latest version of Watcom SQL 5.0 was renamed as Sybase SQL Anywhere.

In 1999, Sybase produced SQL Anywhere Studio version 6.0, the complete relation database management system for mobile, desktop and workgroup use. It included the Adaptive Server Anywhere (renamed SQL Anywhere) relation database management system, supplemented with a set of tools for designing and managing databases, creating database reports and forms, using databases on the Web and replicating databases to mobile users.

In May 2000, Sybase transformed their mobile and embedded computing division into its own company, iAnywhere Solutions, set up on the basis of Watcom International Corporation. Since then, this division was engaged in the continuing development of SQL Anywhere Studio.

At the present moment, ASA runs on just about any piece of computing hardware including DOS, PalmOS, Windows, UNIX and Novell NetWare. Its light-weight variant is used in such equipment as mobile phones.

ASA supports two standards - Transact-SQL and Watcom SQL (switching ANSI standard SQL-92). Transact-SQL is compatible with the SQL language of the industrial RDBMS Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, having greater scalability and productivity potential. It allows migrating to a high level platform without modifying the existing software.

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