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An unpacked floating-point number. DECIMAL is stored as a string, using one character for each digit of the value.

The p specifies the total number of the digits not including the decimal point and, the `-' sign. Prior to MySQL Version 3.23, the p argument must include the space needed for the sign and the decimal point.

The s specifies the number of digits following the decimal point.

The maximum range of DECIMAL values is the same as for DOUBLE, but the actual range for a given DECIMAL column may be constrained by the choice of p and s.

If p is omitted, the default is 10.

If s is omitted, the default is 0, that is, values will have no decimal point or fractional part.

If UNSIGNED is specified, negative values are not allowed.

DEC[(p[,s])] [UNSIGNED]


These are synonyms for DECIMAL. DEC data type is available since MySQL version 4.00.

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