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Please, note, that Ispirer SQLWays 6.0 is no longer supported and provided to clients.
You can try out automated conversion of databases and applications with Ispirer Toolkit for free. Download free trial.
Check out the relevant toolkit documentation.

Ispirer SQLWays Database Migration Software

/V - View name, list or template

Syntax: /V=[SchemaName.]ViewName [, NextView]

Using this option, you can specify the views that you want to export and convert.

If the database supports schemas (object owners) you can either specify a schema (owner) name for the view explicitly or use the default schema (owner) name for the user connected to the database.

You can specify a comma-separated list of views or view templates. For example, /V=*.* or /V=%.% will extract all views accessible in the database, /V=schema1.*, schema2.* or /V=schema1.%, schema2.% will extract all views of the schemas schema1 and schema2.

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