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Ispirer SQLWays Database Migration Software

/IMPS - Import system

Syntax: /IMPS=ImportSystem

This option specifies the system where import to the target database will be executed. SQLWays allows you to perform import on a Microsoft Windows or Unix system.

Possible values are Windows and Unix. The default value is Windows. When /IMPS=Windows is specified, SQLWays generates command files for importing using the Windows command interpreter.

When /IMPS=Unix is specified, SQLWays generates Bourne shell scripts. You can also use these scripts with the Korn shell, because it is upward compatible with the Bourne shell.

This option also defines rules for the path and new line delimiters that are used in the scripts and files generated by SQLWays. Windows uses a backslash symbol as the directory delimiter (d:\temp\dir\subdir1) whereas Unix uses a slash symbol (tmp/dir1/subdir1). In Windows a new line is defined by carriage return and new line characters (0x0D0A or \r\n), while in Unix a new line is represented by new line character only (0x0A or \n).

You can specify this option in the initialization file. See Initialization File Options for details.

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