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Please, note, that Ispirer SQLWays 6.0 is no longer supported and provided to clients.
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Ispirer SQLWays Database Migration Software

/IMPLOB - Import directory for LOB files

Syntax: /IMPLOBDIR=ImportLOBDir

This option specifies the directory where the data of LOB objects (large objects) are located at the import stage. It is used only for migration to IBM DB2 or Oracle and only in cases when you transfer export files to another location before import and LOB files are not located in the subdirectory LOBS of /IMPDIR.

Using this option SQLWays can properly generate import scripts that contain file references. The default value is the subdirectory \LOBS of the import directory specified by the /IMPDIR option.

You can specify this option in the initialization file. See Initialization File Options for details.

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