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Ispirer DB2 Migration overview.

Ispirer SQLWays Database Migration Software

[IBM DB2] Subsection

This subsection is used to adjust script generations when IBM DB2 is the target database, and to specify properties when it is the source database.

Possible values - Yes, No. The default value is No. The CLIENT option in the LOAD command is available in IBM DB2 7.1 or later.

With this option, when the database is configured to support online backups, table spaces are not put in backup pending state following the load operation.

Possible values - Yes, No. The default value is No.

Some options like character, column delimiters and others are added to the IBM DB2 IMPORT/LOAD scripts by SQLWays. You can use this option if you need other options to be added to the modified by option.

For example, set modifiedby_options=usedefaults delprioritychar and these options will be added to the modified by option in each script for the IBM DB2 IMPORT/LOAD utilities.

Note. This option is ignored when any value is specified in the option DATETIME_FORMAT (see earlier in the [DATA] subsection).

For example, when DATETIME_DATATYPE=DATE is specified, the datetime datatypes will be converted to DATE in IBM DB2.

To specify IBM DB2 options using the SQLWays wizard

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