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Please, note, that Ispirer SQLWays 6.0 is no longer supported and provided to clients.
You can try out automated conversion of databases and applications with Ispirer Toolkit for free. Download free trial.
Check out the relevant toolkit documentation.
Ispirer Database Conversion overview.

Ispirer SQLWays Database Migration Software

Stage 2. Transferring and Processing (optional)

This stage is optional and is accomplished in specific migration projects requiring the transfer of export files. This may be required while performing migration between geographically divided databases or when it is impossible for some reason to establish simultaneous connection to the source and target databases at the same location.

Although SQLWays is capable of running solely on the Windows platform, it can also generate import scripts for Unix operating systems, such as Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX etc., thus making it possible to perform import directly on Unix servers.

Provided SQLWays represents exported databases as SQL and ASCII files, it is also possible to extend the migration process with data processing, reporting and other 3rd party tools.

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