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Stage 3. Importing

At this stage, the import scripts created at the previous (export) stage are executed and the source database is imported into the target database. Being executed, the import scripts invoke utilities, supplied with the databases for creating the structure of the target database and loading the data into the tables.

The database structure is created with the help of command line utilities intended for the execution of SQL statements, such as:

The utilities used for the loading of data from ASCII files are as follows:

Import scripts are command files (.bat files for Windows or .sh shell scripts for Unix) that are automatically executed by SQLWays Wizard or must be executed manually or from another script while using SQLWays command line.

This is the final stage of the migration process. Upon its completion you will receive the converted database.

How to perform import with SQLWays Wizard

If you chose to start import automatically on the Wizard page "Specify Import Options", the import will be started immediately after the completion of export. If you did not choose this option, you will have to click the "Start Import" button on the page "Migration Status" to start import. In the latter case, you will be able to examine the export results before the import.

For more information about using SQLWays Wizard, see SQLWays Wizard in User's Guide.

How to perform import with SQLWays Command Line

Having launched Windows Command Line environment at the export stage, you will have to launch from the export directory "sqlways_all.bat" or "sqlways_imp.exe /bat=sqlways_all.bat" in order to start import. The first command outputs import log messages to the screen only. The second command outputs import log messages to the screen and sqlways_imp.log file.

For more information about SQLWays Command Line and command options, see Command Line in User's Guide.

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