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Returning Non-Table Data as Result Set (Dummy Tables)

This subsection describes techniques to return non-table data as a result set in various databases and their conversion by SQLWays.

Sometimes it is required to return information that not contained in the database tables, as a result set. For example, returning the current user, current date, constants or arithmetic expressions without table columns.

TABLE 71. Returning Non_Table Data and Result Set (Dummy Tables)
Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere
SELECT select_list 
The DUMMY table can be used in Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere to return non-table result set.
DUMMY is a read only system table that has one row and one column (dummy_col integer NOT NULL).
Use of FROM DUMMY in the FROM clause is optional. If no table is specified in the FROM clause, the table is assumed to be SYS.DUMMY.
Microsoft SQL Server
SELECT select_list 
The SELECT statement without the FROM clause and a variable assignment (@var1=col1) returns non-table result set in Microsoft SQL Server.

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