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A packed decimal number with an implicit decimal point. The position of the decimal point is determined by the precision (p) and the scale (s) of the number.

The p specifies the total number of the digits. The range of the precision is 1 to 31 digits.

The s is the number of digits in the fractional part of the number. It cannot be negative or greater than the precision. The range of scale is 0 to the precision of the number.

If p is omitted, the default is 5.

If s is omitted the default is 0, that is, values will have no decimal point or fractional part.

The range of a decimal variable or the numbers in a decimal column is -n to +n, where the absolute value of n is the largest number that can be represented with the applicable precision and scale. The maximum range is -10^31+1 to 10^31-1.

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