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Ispirer SQLWays Database Migration Software

/GCMD - General command file name

Syntax: /GCMD=GenCmdFile

This option specifies the general command file that contains import scripts for all the exported database objects (tables, views etc).

SQLWays creates one command file for each exported object. This command file contains DDL statements and import scripts for one object only. This allows you to import each database object separately.

To simplify the import of large number of database objects, you can use the general command file that makes possible importing all objects immediately. The tables in the general command file are ordered by referential constraints, the tables that are referenced by the other tables are the first to be imported.

The default general command file is sqlways_all.cmd (Windows batch file) if /IMPS=Windows is specified, and (Bourne shell script) if /IMPS=Unix is specified.

The file is saved in the directory specified in the option /DIR.

SQLWays always creates general command file despite the number of exported objects.

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