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Please, note, that Ispirer SQLWays 6.0 is no longer supported and provided to clients.
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Ispirer SQLWays Database Migration Software

ODBC Sybase ASA Driver Setup Dialog: ODBC Tab

The following shows the ODBC tab in the driver configuration. It is where you name the ODBC data source (DSN) you are configuring. This tab also contains the Test Connection button. This button allows you to test the connection to ASA, after you finish the configuring the DSN and before you exit out of the driver configuration utility. The following screen shows the sample ASA ODBC DSN created with the installation of the ASA network server.

When this option is selected, one bookmark value is assigned to each row instead of the two that are otherwise assigned (one for fetching forwards and a different one for fetching backwards).

Delphi cannot handle multiple bookmark values for a row. If the option is cleared, scrollable cursor performance can suffer since scrolling must always take place from the beginning of the cursor to the row requested in order to get the correct bookmark value.

Versions 8.0 and later of the database server return a wider range of fetch warnings than earlier versions of the software. For applications that are deployed with an earlier version of the software, you can select this option to ensure that fetch warnings are handled properly.

If you require a translator, click Select and choose the translator from the list of installed translators.

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