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ODBC Sybase ASA Driver Setup Dialog: Login Tab

The Login tab, shown below, is the next tab in the driver configuration. It is where you specify the login information that the ODBC driver will use when it makes a connection.

The Login tab of the ODBC Configuration dialog Login tab has the following components:

If you select this option, the user ID and password do not need to be specified: instead, your operating system user ID and password are supplied to the Adaptive Server Anywhere integrated login mechanism.

To use integrated logins, users must have been granted integrated login permission and the database you are connecting to must also be set up to accept integrated logins. Only users with DBA access may administer integrated login permissions.

User ID Type a user ID for the connection. The user ID you supply must have permissions on a database in order to connect.

Password Type a password for the connection. The password must be the correct password for the user ID you supply.

Extended characters used in passwords are case-sensitive, regardless of the database sensitivity setting.

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