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ODBC Sybase ASA Driver Setup Dialog: Database Tab

The third tab from the left is the Database tab. If you are configuring an ODBC DSN for an ASA installation on the same machine, you specify the name and location of the server file and database file as shown in the following screen. This screen also allows you to configure whether to start or shut down the database when connecting or disconnecting. This is definitely something to keep in mind when configuring and then using an ASA DSN.

The Database tab of the ODBC Configuration dialog has the following components:

Do not enter a Server Name if you want to connect to the default local personal server or if you want to start a database server from a database file on your local machine. If you do not have a default personal server and you omit the server name, the connection fails.

You can also include options in the Start Line field. The start line and options are used when you want to:

If the database is strongly encrypted using AES or MDSR, you must specify a key in this field to access the database.

You can also supply encryption options in the Start Line field.

You should clear the Start Database Automatically option if you want to ensure that you connect only to a running database.

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