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ODBC Sybase ASE Driver Setup Dialog : Advanced Tab

Use the Advanced tab on the ODBC Sybase ASE Driver Setup dialog box to specify optional settings when you create new Sybase ASE data sources or configure existing data sources.

Cursor Positioning for raiserror: Select a value of 0 or 1 that specifies when the error is returned and where the cursor is positioned when raiserror is encountered.

When set to 0 (the default), raiserror is handled separately from surrounding statements. The error is returned when raiserror is processed via SQLExecute, SQLExecDirect, or SQLMoreResults. The result set is empty.

When set to 1 (MS compatible), raiserror is handled with the next statement. The error is returned when the next statement is processed; the cursor is positioned on the first row of subsequent result set. This could result in multiple raiserrors being returned on a single execute.

Default Buffer Size for Long Columns (in Kb): Type an integer value that specifies the maximum length of data fetched from a TEXT or IMAGE column. The value must be in multiples of 1024 (for example, 1024, 2048. The default is 1024 KB. You will need to increase this value if the total size of any long data exceeds 1 MB.

Distributed Transaction Model: Select a model to use for distributed transaction support-either XA Protocol or Native OLE.

Initialization String: Enter a semicolon-separated list of Sybase language commands that will be issued immediately after connection.

Enable Quoted Identifiers: Select this check box to allow support of quoted identifiers.

Enable Describe Parameter: Select this check box to enable the SQLDescribeParam function, which allows an application to describe parameters in SQL statements and in stored procedure calls. To use this option, Prepare Method must be set to 0 or 1, and the SQL statement must not include long parameters. This option should be selected when using Microsoft Remote Data Objects (RDO) to access data.

Application Using Threads: Select this check box to ensure that the driver works with multi-threaded applications. You can clear this check box when using the driver with single-threaded applications. Turning off this setting avoids additional processing required for ODBC thread-safety standards.

Tightly Coupled Distributed Transactions: Select this check box to use tightly coupled distributed transactions when connected to a Sybase ASE version 12 database and to ensure that multiple connections within the same distributed transaction do not obey each other's locks.

When this check box is not selected, the overall performance of the driver is better, but multiple connections within the same distributed transaction may hang each other because the connections do not obey each other's locks.

This option is valid only when the driver is enlisted in a distributed transaction and when it is connected to a Sybase ASE version 12 database. Otherwise, this option is ignored.

Translate Button

Displays the Select Translator dialog box, where you can translate your data from one character set to another. Choose the OEM to ANSI translator to translate your data from the IBM PC character set to the ANSI character set.

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