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ODBC Sybase ASE Driver Setup Dialog : Connection Tab

Use the Connection tab on the ODBC Sybase ASE Driver Setup dialog box to specify optional settings when you create new Sybase ASE data sources or configure existing data sources.

Database List: Type the databases that appear in the logon dialog box. Separate the names with commas.

Default Logon ID: Type the default logon ID used to connect to your Sybase database. This ID is case-sensitive. A logon ID is required only if security is enabled for the database you are connecting to. Your ODBC application may override this value or you can override this value in the logon dialog box or connection string.

Workstation ID: Type the workstation ID used by the client.

Application Name: Type the name used by Sybase to identify your application.

Charset: Type the name of a character set. This character set must be installed on the Sybase server. The default is the setting on the Sybase server. For this driver to support Unicode, this attribute must be set to UTF-8. Refer to the Sybase server documentation for a list of valid character set names.

Language: Type the national language. This language must be installed on the Sybase server. The default is English.

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